We are living in what is known as "The Technological Age."  Students have access to more information and technology tools than ever before.   Careers in the digital media field are commonplace and it's never too early to get trained.


Walnut Grove Secondary is second to none in the province in providing students with unparalleled specialized computer opportunities  Instead of taking  a generic "Info Tech" course , we offer over 18 specialized computer courses.  Students at WGSS have the opportunity to expand their skillset using industry level software and techniques. 


With high end computer labs updated every 2 years, class sets of tablets, numerous 3D printers, a C&C Machine, a large scale vinyl cutter, a green screen studio and an entire fleet of high-end video cameras and production equipment, WGSS values the importance of using current hardware, tools, and techniques.


We routinely send our graduates to schools such as Think Tank Training, Lost Boys School of Visual Effects, Vancouver FIlm School, Arts Institute, and the Vancouver Institue of Media Arts who then go on to work in the huge digital media career force based in Vancouver, BC and beyond.


Looking for more information?  Contact the school or any of the computer department teachers.

Why Walnut Grove?